Excellence in Care
  • +Ongoing performance & improvement measures
  • +Survey readiness and preparedness are priority
  • "These machine logbooks are the best example I've seen from the dialysis industry on a national scale, not to mention exceeding best practice expectations with your innovative approach." - March 2022, TJC Inspector
Value added services
  • +Removes the unpredictable demand & staffing challenge
  • +"All inclusive" pricing model
  • +Predictable "per treatment" billing
Mobil Dialysis
  • Since 1984, MOBIL DIALYSIS remains a privately owned and nurse-operated alternative to staffing, managing and equipping an in-patient dialysis department.

Why our Hospital Customers like us:

  • A wide range of extracorporeal blood treatment options for facilities partners
  • Excellence in nursing care gained through a singular focus on care delivery
  • An established record of quality assurance, patient satisfaction and regulatory agency support