Come Join Our Team

What we offer our employees:

  • 1. Higher income potential than working for a clinic or hospital
  • 2. Career advancement with paid modality training
  • 3. Flexible scheduling
  • 4. Comphrehensive and competitive benefits
  • 5. Supportive and collaborative culture

Since 1984, Mobil Dialysis has been providing hospitals with an outsourced alternative to staffing, managing and equipping their own dialysis department. Today our nursing team services our partner facilities in twelve Central Florida counties. Our success is based on a continued focus on hiring, training, and supporting nursing excellence. We expect a lot from our nursing team and we compensate them well for their dedication to craft and company.

Our company was founded by a nurse and most members of our management team are former (or current) dialysis nurses. We understand the challenges nurses face in balancing caring for their patients and caring for their own families. With our pay structure, our average nurse out earns their hospital based nursing peers.

At MDI, we hire experienced dialysis nurses and then help them polish their craft even further. We also seek talented critical care nurses with a budding desire to enter our specialty. By definition, our nurses are registered professionals with an expertise in assessing, planning, implementing and re-evaluating the needs of the acutely ill dialysis patient.

Through utilizing the nursing process, the dialysis nurse is responsible for collaborating with physicians in providing quality, safety and appropriate patient care. The MDI nurse is expected to involve the patient, as well as the family or significant others, in carrying out his/her responsibilities.

Qualified applicants should be a graduate of an accredited nursing school (BSN preferred). Applicants must have a valid State of Florida nursing license. Nurses with proven dialysis experience make ideal candidates.