Founded on Quality Nursing

In August 1984, Mary Douglas, RN performed a routine dialysis treatment at an Orlando area hospital. Although it was only one of thousands of treatments she has performed, this treatment would come to have special significance. It was the first treatment Ms. Douglas did as the sole proprietor of Mobil Dialysis, Inc. Since that day, Mobil Dialysis (MDI) has delivered hundreds of thousands of acute care dialysis and other extracorporeal blood treatments in hospitals throughout Central Florida.

Through all of its growth, MDI has developed a culture based on what was present at that first treatment - an experienced and professional dialysis nurse delivers excellence in patient care.

Today, that commitment to excellence in care and customer value is the essence of Mobil Dialysis. Even though the body of offerings and services has evolved, the culture has remained true to its origin. There are many markers that provide evidence of the continued commitment to quality care and facility value. These markers include clinical skill and competency reviews, an ongoing performance improvement program, partnerships with hospital administrative teams and pediatric capabilities, all at a value to the facility.

MDI prides itself in its willingness to listen to the individual needs of our contracted hospitals. With the MDI model, hospitals of all sizes can offer physicians and patients a wide range of services.

We are proud to offer the following scope of services:

  • 1. Hemodialysis
  • 2. CRRT
  • 3. Plasmapheresis
  • 4. Red Blood Cell Exchange
  • 5. Peritoneal Dialysis
  • 6. Pediatrics
  • 7. Crit-Line Monitoring
  • 8. Liposorber
  • 9. Donor Hemofiltration
Did you know?
The kidneys have a higher blood flow then even the brain, liver or heart.
Each of your kidneys is about 4.5 inches long and weighs approximately 4-6 ounces.
Together, your kidneys filter about 50 gallons of blood each day.